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Le marché hebdomadaire
    The Commanderie Templière d'Avalleur :

    The order of the Templars was founded by a native of Champagne in Jerusalem in the year 1119, in order to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land. Remains of the Templar period include the 12th-century Romanesque and Gothic chapel...




    There is a 400-km netword of paths allowing lovely walks in the Barsequanais region.

The market is held every Friday morning and attracts loyal customers who com from 10 or 15 miles around.

The appeal of this market in a Champagne winegrowing environment is recognised by the travelling traders who hold stalls there: « this is a good market for the Aube region » they say.

During the summer there are also usually a few tourists there soaking up the atmosphere: this is not so much the image of ''La France Profonde'', i.e. traditional life in the French countryside, as a reflection of a prosperous 21st century rural way of life.

List of the markets:

Bar sur Aube : Saturday morning
Bar sur Aube : Friday morning
Brienne le Château : hursday morning
Chaource : Monday morning
Ervy le Chatel : Friday morning
Lusigny sur Barse : Saturday morning
Mussy sur Seine : Thursday morning
Les Riceys : Thursday morning



Le Marché

The market of Bar-sur-Seine