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Le Roi des vins
    The Commanderie Templière d'Avalleur :

    The order of the Templars was founded by a native of Champagne in Jerusalem in the year 1119, in order to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land. Remains of the Templar period include the 12th-century Romanesque and Gothic chapel...




    There is a 400-km netword of paths allowing lovely walks in the Barsequanais region.

PressoirThe vineyards of the 'Côte des Bar' represent about 7000 hactares. Most of them are located in the Barséquanais. The Champagne is produced by 'vineyards owners' (who work and make wine themselves with the product of their vines) or gathered winegrowers who are members of a cooperative. For about three centuries, the passion of the men of Champagnee, the respect of traditions enriched by the newest oenologic technics are at the origin of exceptional wines, famous around the world and often winners of wine competitions. All the art of the winegrower consists in obtaining a well-balanced and harmonious wine with a characteristic taste consistent from one year to the next. The quality depends on the rigor of these winegrowers at all the stages. Three vine-stocks are adapted to the soil of Champagne : Pinot Noir and Meunier, black grapes with white juice and Chardonnay, which gives white grapes.  Coupe champagne
The blending of the cuvées is a delicate art. It is there that every winegrower fully expresses himself in 'blending' wines from different sources, vine-stocks and years. A patient and attentive work is necessary to succeed in every step if the process. Champagne is usually sold in 0,75 litre bottles but there are also other containers.

In choosing the Champagne from the 'Côte des Bar', you will surely discover that the champagne is 'the wine of the Kings and the King of the wines'.To help you, the Tourism Office of Bar sur Seine and the surrounding area can give you a list of cellars that you can visit.