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The Castle of the Counts of Bar
    The Commanderie Templière d'Avalleur :

    The order of the Templars was founded by a native of Champagne in Jerusalem in the year 1119, in order to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land. Remains of the Templar period include the 12th-century Romanesque and Gothic chapel...




    There is a 400-km netword of paths allowing lovely walks in the Barsequanais region.

The Castle of the Counts of Bar :

The oldest documents about it date all the way back to the 9th century. In 1273 it became the birthplace of the Countess of Champagne Jeanne de Navarre, the future Queen of France, and it has had a fairly eventful history: struggles between Counts of Champagne and Dukes of Burgundy, between the people of Armagnac and Burgundians, between Ligueurs (supporters of the Catholic League) and Protestants, between Louis XI and Charles le Téméraire.

It underwent many sieges and, in 1596, Henri IV allowed the inhabitants to complete its demolition against the payment of 1500 crowns.

All that remains is the Tour du Lion (Lion's Tower) and the vaulted Salle des Gardes (Guard Room), which used to have the keep on top of it.



Château Bar-sur-Seine

The Castle in the 17th century


Plan du Château







Tour d'horloge The Clock Tower (the symbol of the town), was blown up in August 1944 but reconstruction work on it began in 1947.

From the castle's promontory you have a wonderful view out over the town.

Ville Bar-sur-Seine