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Around Bar sur Seine
    The Commanderie Templière d'Avalleur :

    The order of the Templars was founded by a native of Champagne in Jerusalem in the year 1119, in order to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land. Remains of the Templar period include the 12th-century Romanesque and Gothic chapel...




    There is a 400-km netword of paths allowing lovely walks in the Barsequanais region.

The Commanderie Templière d'Avalleur

La Chapelle templière

The Order of the Templars was founded in Jerusalem in 1119 by a native of Champagne, Hugues de Payns, in order to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land. Remains of the Templar period include the 12th century Roman-Gothic chapel with its magnificent roof structure, along with the cistern. After the Templars were arrested and put on trial, their properties passed to the Knights of St John of Jerusalem (the Hospitallers, who had become the Order of Malta). Monks occupied the site from 1167 to 1790, the date when the last commander left. Since then it has been owned by the town of Bar sur Seine.

Tours of the Commanderie are organised by the tourist information office and on request.



Notre Dame du Chêne

Notre Dame du Chêne

Legend has it that a young shepherd found a statuette of the Virgin Mary in the trunk of an oak tree. He took it home with him and then it found its way back into a tree of its own accord. This became a place of pilgrimage. Saint Bernard and Louis XI came here. This 3rd chapel dates back to 1867. It contains a crypt where lies the body of Abbé Prud, who built it. Alongside it there is a cellar, and the water to be found here once had the reputation of curing eye problems. In the upper part of this cellar there is a stone with the following inscription (12th century) 'Vade ad natatoria Siloe - Fides tua te salvum fecit' (Go to the swimming pool in Siloe - Your faith has saved you). This is still a very popular place for pilgrims of all nationalities.

Tours of it are organised